Community Development

We support communities across the globe ensure a higher quality of life for their members, to take pride in their communities and establish a positive future for the next generation.

Our projects have involved helping to create and sustain Jewish Community Centres which serve as hubs of Jewish life in cities where Jewish identity was previously suppressed.

The centres both help provide the most basic needs of the local Jewish population and wider community and ensures Jewish traditions can continue and flourish.  Through the centres and other community-based projects around the world, we provide food, clothing, medicine, education, housing and support for people facing lives of poverty and destitution.

From grants for schools, care homes, community centres and social programmes,  our community development projects reach those most in need.

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Warm Homes

What makes a "Warm Home"?
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COPE - Catalysing Older People's Empowerment

The overall goal of this programme is to equip each part of the Ukraine Jewish community, young and old, to work together in comba...
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Educational Support for Children with Disabilities

This project allows Jewish children in Ukraine to be educated in a Jewish, inclusive and academic environment.

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