What We Do

Our programmes serve as a lifeline to communities in need around the world. From providing food, warmth and shelter to the elderly to ensuring a secure and positive environment for children to grow up in, we look to meet the most basic human needs of...
The ability to earn a living wage and access to a safe home environment are the most basic requirements for daily survival and can provide a way out of poverty. Long-term dependence on international aid and welfare is unsustainable and being able to ...
We support communities across the globe ensure a higher quality of life for their members, to take pride in their communities and establish a positive future for the next generation.
We are inspired by the Jewish values of ‘Tikkun Olam’ – Healing the World. As such, we recognise the significant impact UK Jewry can have as part of a response by the international community to natural disasters, conflict and global crisis. In...

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